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ZDZHJ Automatic Carton-Folding Machine

Technical Parameters
Type ZDZHJ Automatic Carton-Folding Machine
Exterior size                               L2120 x W1823 x H2130(mm)
Max. carton size                         W425 x H120 (mm)
Carton-forming speed                30/min
Conveying belt height                 800±30(mm)
Operation pressure                    about 0.5 Mpa
Power supply                             50Hz/AC380V, three phases and five lines
Max. power                               about 4.5 KW
Air consumption                         about 0.3 m3/min
It is suitable for the automatic production of trays used in daily life, such as those used in dairy/food/drink/medicine/daily chemical industry. Instead of manual folding, it greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
1. The machine manufactured by imported advanced technology and the process has highly precise control.
2. Automatic carton-folding and carton-sticking functions are available.
3. It is possible to connect to automatic production lines. It has great automation and high efficiency.
4. Large colored touch screen; Chinese display; equipped with the most advanced control elements in the world; integrates mechanism, electricity and air. The equipment has long service life, stability and liability.

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